Today money remains the scarcest resources available to any organization, large or small. On the other hand, capital projects entail the expenditure of large sums of money, running into tens of thousands of rands or more commonly, millions of rands.

It is  our informed opinion that whoever is appointed as Project Manager  to oversee the entire development must not only be cost-conscious, but must also be formally trained in the latest project cost control techniques.

To us in Altak Africa the above scenario is nearly not enough. Formal training and experience in Building Management, coupled with a formal training and experience in Quantity Surveying divisions is similarly qualified.

Altak Africa, through their strategic alliances, has the flexibility to handle both small intensive and large projects throughout SOUTH AFRICA.

Altak Africa provides the much- needed management skills to inform development practitioners, policy -makers and donors how best to design their projects or programmes.

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